Self-cleaning vacuum-cleaner equipped with an innovative turbine system which produces a whirl. The filter in specific material is not affected by the sucked material, therefore it remains CLEAN.In the control panel there is a proper instrument which allows to control the vacuum of the turbine, confirming that – since the filter is not filthy – the sucking power is not being altered depending on the quantities of sucked material. Built entirely in stainless steel with cap in thermo-moulded ABS; 2,2 kW three-phase turbine and with container of the debris equipped with suitable wheels for an easy moving when full. Electronic card for changing of suction times, token counter, electronic token counter, voltage light, emergency button, 6 m suction pipe complete with shovel.

Available in versions:

  • Twister and Dry with air dispenser
  • Twister and Dry M3 + with air dispenser, perfume and tyre blackener
  • Twister and Dry M3 + with air dispenser, tyre blackener and sanitizing product dispenser

Technical data

Version V KW KG
Twister (self-cleaning vacuum cleaner) Inox 400 2.2 140
Twister & Dry (self-cleaning vacuum cleaner and air) Inox 400 3.2 145
Twister & Dry M3 + Perfume erogator and tyre blackener Inox 400 3.3 146
Twister & Dry M3 + tyre blackener and Sanitizing product dispenser Inox 400 2.2 146

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