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Innovation, reliability and high performance are the values ​​that characterise our products and that assure the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, every day, we invent the future with ever-new washing solutions.


We develop products with a high technological content, but also with an attractive design that reflects all the quality and aesthetics of an Italian-made product. We offer cutting-edge technical solutions made with always new and top-quality raw materials.


We quickly offer customised solutions and projects tailored to each individual need, because no customer is identical to another. Different customers, different solutions.


We design and build without ever losing sight of the eco-sustainability of our products. All our technological efforts are aimed at reducing the consumption of water, electricity and detergents. Products with low environmental impact, but highly efficient.


Our history begins in 1987 with the production of high-pressure washers and special systems for washing and water treatment. Thanks to this experience, both the basic car wash technology and the particular attention to various aspects of environmental protection were developed. Since the initial intuition of the value and the solid prospects of car washing in Italy, today’s development of technologies and ethics has led to and increase in the number of MIX-branded plants or systems bearing the insignia of major oil companies. In recent years, MIX has obtained all the quality certifications covering its products, business and production facilities and has positioned itself as a market leader in Italy and as a strong competitor abroad, from Latin America to Eastern Europe.

And our future… starts again every day.

1987 1987 The year of MIX's foundation The year of MIX's foundation. The shareholders can boast thirty years of experience in the high-pressure washing sector. The Company's production activity is based on the construction of high-pressure washers as well as on the design and construction of special systems for washing aircraft, rollovers, etc. Customers include companies such as SAGAT of Turin and the Società Italiana per il Traforo del Monte Bianco (the Italian company involved in operating the Mont Blanc Rollover). 1988 1988 Study and design MIX's Management decides to tackle and investigate the problem of environmental impact,
promoting the recovery of wastewater to safeguard the environment. This is a year of study and planning that comes to completion in 1989.
1989 1989 Wastewater treatment MIX diversifies production and offers its client base a series of Wastewater Treatment Plants for the processing of wastewater from car washes, car dealers and workshops. The technology, still used today, is based on stainless steel water treatments operated automatically to ensure both a complete functionality of use for the operator, and compliance with the regulations concerning the discharge of water. 1993 1993 Relations with large international companies Professionalism has led MIX to become the supplier of an important oil company: SHELL ITALIA. A result that marks the beginning of commercial relations with other important oil companies such as AGIP PETROLI spa and TAMOIL. To date, more than 500 systems have been built and installed in Italy and abroad, offering a rapid after-sale assistance planned to assure the correct functioning of the systems installed. 1996 1996 The first washing systems for cars and trucks The company applies the CE mark on its products, in compliance with the provisions of Directive 89/392/EEC and 89/336/EEC. 1996 marks another important milestone for the success of the MIX brand on the market: the first high-pressure self-service car wash systems for cars and trucks. 1997 1997 Worker protection MIX obtains GOST certification for export to the former USSR and complies with the new regulations imposed by legislative decree 626/94 concerning safety in the workplace, to protect workers and customers. 1998 1998 Attainment of high levels of company production Quality has enabled MIX to penetrate the national and international market through a widespread sales network. Indeed, MIX acquires the UNI-EN ISO 9002 certified by RINA Certification Body no. 1452 dated 28/10/98 attesting to the attainment of the highest level of company production and its total reliability. 1999 1999 The new Occimiano headquarters MIX moves to the new OCCIMIANO plant. The upgrading of the structures and the expansion of the workforce (which has become a need) represents an additional guarantee for the identification of the client's needs and therefore the search for the best solutions. 2000 2000 Important collaborations The demands from an increasingly selective market gives birth, at the beginning of the year, to a close collaboration with a leading multinational company in the brush washing systems sector (over 1250 plants produced in 2000). Thanks to this agreement, the company becomes the official supplier of the Q8 group for the whole of Italy. 2001 2001 The novelties of the new millennium MIX presents numerous innovations for the car wash and accessories sector, among which stands out the MULTIDISPENSER, an innovative automatic vending machine. The improvement of its range of products and services allows MIX to obtain numerous awards nationally and internationally. 2002 2002 Strengthening production, technical and commercial features Rewards the incessant efforts of a team that operates internationally. MIX becomes a supplier for AGIP and ESSO oil companies throughout Europe. MIX is now enjoying constant growth: by the end of the year it will double the space used for production and will expand its technical and commercial offices. 2003 2003 The year of Bikewash A fair in Bologna provides the venue for the launch for new products and restyled versions of products already on the market. In addition, MIX revolutionises the panorama of washing products by introducing the Bikewash for motorcycles, bicycles and microcars. 2004 2004 Communicating with the general public The remarkable financial results of the past years lead the company to renew its investments to improve the quality of its products, after-sales service and image. MIX presents itself at all the most important industry events, catalysing the interest of the public. 2005 2005 Strategic investments MIX continues on the path taken in 2004, deciding to invest significant resources in the strategic sectors of its activity: strengthening of the Technical Assistance Service; renewal of the entire range of products for washing cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles; renewal of the product and company image. 2007 2007 A technological marvel: Fulljet MIX continues to hold the lion's share of the domestic market, with excellent results also in the export sector. Building on the experience gained over twenty years of activity, MIX offers a revolutionary solution for car washing and care: FULLJET, a technological marvel that offers all the features of a modern car wash contained in a single compact product. 2008 2008 Twenty really special years MIX's environmental management system is certified ISO 14001:2004. MIX celebrates its twenty years of activity with a series of special events, culminating on 28 November with the presentation of the book entitled "Linee guida MIX", written by Carlo Gavotto to present the top of MIX technology, remember past successes and trace out the route for the future of the company. 2010 2010 The foreign market Building on the successes obtained in Italy, MIX concentrates new energies in the foreign market, immediately achieving gratifying results. The value of the product and the flexibility in meeting customers' needs are the winning cards of our company. MIX presents the renewed range of its products to the public at international trade fairs. 2012 2012 Increasingly international MIX celebrates 25 years of business and successes by strengthening its presence in the European markets. The numbers of exports increase sharply and the new products are numerous and much appreciated by the demanding professional clientele. The after-sales service sector strengthens its presence for the most important national and international oil companies. 2013 2013 Launch of the Pulse 2S A year of pride. MIX launches an ambitious project: the PULSE 2S rollover car wash, a product that fits in at the top end of the sector. PULSE 2S is a machine created to last a long time and stands out for its robustness and reduced maintenance requirements, boasting a series of innovations protected by patents. 2015 2015 The best never stop MIX starts expanding the PULSE range by presenting an innovative double rollover car wash: the PULSE 4S. Naturally, the company does not forget its origins and offers the renewed version of a great successful classic, the MSELF PRO, the complete and reliable single rollover machine, highly appreciated on the international markets by major oil companies. 2016 2016 Consolidation of the PULSE range MIX consolidates the offer of the PULSE range by presenting the stainless steel versions of PULSE 1S, 2S, 4S and the new PULSE HP touchless rollover machine. 2017 2017 Think big, think Smart MIX introduces an rollover machine with a series of winning features, the PULSE 1W: this product is designed to solve the needs of washing bulky vehicles such as minibuses, school buses, refrigerated trucks with a precision never seen before. As always, MIX is the protagonist in the high-pressure sector but with an absolute novelty: Smart 2 Pro, the compact washing solution that looks to revolutionise today's car washes. 2018 2018 Think Big, Even Bigger! L’ampliamento della gamma porta alla presentazione di soluzioni innovative per il lavaggio di veicoli dal profilo impegnativo: LIP (Lavaggio Industriale a Passaggio) 2019 2019 Innovation and growth L’ampliamento della gamma porta alla presentazione di soluzioni innovative per il lavaggio di veicoli dal profilo impegnativo: LIP (Lavaggio Industriale a Passaggio) 2020 2020 LIPS and IKON PRO The LIP (Industrial Passage Washing) range is expanded with the introduction of the new LIPS model (Industrial Passage Washing with Brushes). IKON PRO is born, no longer a brush wash, but a world. A new, personal and exciting way to wash; an added value hitherto unknown in the washing sector. 2022 2022 YPER Avant-garde Technology and made in Italy Design; two concepts which have been identifying Mix production since ever. As the new rollover YPER particularly we made a great step forward with totally innovative lines including some patents absolutely new for this area, as a complement of the services and of the performances which the rollover is offering as experience for the user. The machine design (planned by the design studio Carmi e Ubertis, winners of the Compasso d’oro prize 2020 together with the Designer Mr Paolo Villa) is translating in its shape the great robustness of the components and the solidity which comes from the technological experience. 2024 2024 A year of news LIP is a successful machine in Italy and around the world. Precisely to meet the needs of numerous customers, MIX takes a further step forward by introducing the LIP PRO model equipped with 3-position heads. In the sector of washing rollovers there is certainly no shortage of innovations, such as the new 360° rotating dryer which incorporates high pressure nozzles for washing and the chemical product or the oscillating lateral foam dispensed by the wheel washing device.


A motivated team of professionals looking for the best solutions for the needs of all our customers.

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The quality of our products and our services is testified by prestigious certification bodies.

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